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DSK is a well established accounting firm conveniently located in the cities of Cambridge and Kitchener, in Waterloo region, Ontario.

Each year, we help hundreds of families, small business start ups, entrepreneurs and mature corporations to navigate the plethora of tax laws that pertain to their specific financial picture.  Our years of experience in taxationbusiness advisory roles, succession planning,  estate planning & trusts seasoned by senior financial management positions in private companies, ensure you’re gaining proven wisdom and in depth thinking.

When it comes to your company’s growth, our professionals will work with you to develop the appropriate strategies to save you money and maximize returns.



Although not a subject that many are comfortable talking about, are you confident that you’ve prepared for this inevitable stage of life?


Tax laws are subject to regular change, and professional advice is an essential strategic tool for both individuals and corporations.

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Almost everything you do has potential tax implications. It’s important to work with a team of knowledgeable tax advisors that fully understand tax laws, and can interpret their affects on you.

US & Cross Border Transactions

Cross border interaction expands your market, but being fully aware of potential US tax liabilities is your foremost responsibility.

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Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs to successfully start, grow and maintain their business, whether it be here on Canadian soil, or abroad. Depend on our Real World Experience!

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Specialized Business Transactions

We  offer an array of advisory and consulting services to support all aspects of your business. This allows you to take advantage of opportunities that the less experienced may overlook.

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Any way we can make your life easier by providing quick access to information that you need to know, we will! Please visit our Resource Centre for up to date information on taxes, and much more!

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CFFB event march 21 2019

Hosted by: Brian Ogilvie, CFP, CLU, CH.F.C
Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions
Jason Kingston, CGA, CPA of DSK LLP
Drouillard Sambrook Kingston

New Passive Income Rules: There Are Options

We invite you to attend this educational forum, co-hosted by Brian Ogilvie of Ogilvie Daugherty Business Profit Solutions and Jason Kingston of Drouillard Sambrook Kingston, LLP, so that you can fully understand how your business and family have been affected by the new rules, along with countermeasures that you may want to consider. This is also the perfect opportunity to address questions and concerns which are most likely shared by many of your peers in the business community.

We will discuss:

  • Why understanding these new rules matter
  • The implications of doing “nothing”
  • Reducing passive income by 50%
  • The use of life insurance inside a corporation to reduce passive income taxation
  • Retirement Compensation Agreements and why they may be part of the answer
  • Getting your key advisors to talk to each other

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Our goal is to assist entrepreneurs to successfully start, grow and maintain their business, whether it be here on Canadian soil, or abroad. Depend on our Real World Experience!

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