Business Health Check

Business Health Check

As a Business Owner or Executive, would it be beneficial to you and your company to:

1. Know the estimated value of your business based on a patented technology born at MIT, accepted by the National Association of Certified Valuators & Analysts, and that uses industry databases with real numbers from actual sold businesses within your industry?
2. Know how your business rates on 18 critical and holistic drivers that reveals the bestopportunities to improve your business?
3. Know what your business “could” be worth even at its current level of sales and profits, if you addressed its problems and inefficiencies?
4. Listen to our recommendations to grow the profit and value of your business based on best practices that align with a vetted set of private business standards?

This is what DSK Profitable Wisdom’s Business Health Check can do for you.

The focus of our Business Health Check is focused mainly on operations with only a minor focus on financials. Required thou is lots of client interaction. When you implement our recommendations, you should get a 10x return for your dollars spent. We can even help with the implementation.  We meet with the Business Owners and senior leadership for about 2 to 3 hours to go overseveral questions. After that, we go away to review the results and come up with our recommendations. At a second meeting we present our concise report with clear recommendations that will guide you to reaching your goals and improving the health of your

If you are considering buying a business or selling your own business, this is an excellent way to have a pre-due diligence done before you go any further.
Your investment is only $2,500.


Contact DSK Profitable Wisdom today to arrange for your Business Health Check –
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