Outsourced CFO Services

A Strategic Partnership that Helps Increase Your Business Profits and Value.

DSK Profitable Wisdom is your strategic partner that will help you reach those expectations. Our Outsourced CFOs and Controllers become part of your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring Full-Time employees.

Entrepreneurs and business owners manage growing businesses and they need a strategic partner to lead and manage fundraising, budgeting, and financial reporting. Outsourced CFO can also monitor cash flows, implement controls and systems, prepare investor reports, strengthen your accounting team and help implement a consistent business plan.

DSK Profitable Wisdom’s Outsourced CFO Services help organizations of all sizes, and all industries. As financial professionals, we help with almost all operational and planning services, including financial stewardship, strategic business planning, break-even analysis, cash flow projection, bank negotiation, budgeting, benchmarking, and more.

While not every company can afford an in-house Chief Financial Officer, all companies and even startups benefit greatly from sound financial advice. An Outsourced CFO is similar to a full-time CFO, however, our consultants are not employees. This structure controls your costs while giving you access to advanced expertise. An Outsourced CFO is not always on-site, but always available.

How DSK Profitable Wisdom Can Help

As Outsourced CFOs, our experts bring the highest level of expertise and experience at a portion of the cost. In certain situations, we act as your representative when interacting with clients, vendors and most importantly, bankers.

Profitable Wisdom provides a flexible engagement model, which depending on the size and growth of your business, enables you to increase or decrease our engagement level. This guarantees that your business benefits from having top CFO talent and advise based on your organization’s exact needs.

  • Uncertain about where your business is making or losing money?
  • Worried about having enough cash to meet payroll and vendor invoices?
  • Feeling uninformed with financial performance because your statements are just a long column of numbers and you don’t have clear indicators to judge performance?


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DSK - When It Counts!

Assessment & Growth

DSK Profitable Wisdom can assess and make recommendations for improvement across the 18 key value drivers of your business. Businesses that use this assessment and software have increased the value of their business by 26% on average.

Our business assessment service is critical to determining where the risks and opportunities are in your business. We estimate your enterprise value and the value gap to what the enterprise could be worth.

You will receive an in-depth Operational Strength & Value Report that includes Executive Summary, a rating out of 100, estimated enterprise value, value gap, our strategic Interpretation and recommendation on each of the 18 value drivers and red flags, plus suggested next steps.

Useful Reporting

Leaders and Business Owners need visibility to all the useful information in their business so they can make good decisions quickly and be fully compliant. Reports no longer need to be a single column of numbers that are difficult to derive any useful information from and that have results with large swings, making it impossible to make any predictions. 

We improve the accuracy and usefulness of monthly reporting, educate management on how to read them to make the best decisions. We determine the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help you improve results and reach your goals. We also analyze your business to find out where you are making money and where you are not, so that changes can be made to grow your business and make it more profitable. 

Your year-end results will no longer be a surprise six months after your year-end because we’ll report accurate results soon after your year-end date. 

Business Transition Planning

Every Business Owner should have a transition plan because every Business Owner will exit their business eventually. For your business to reach the success that is sustainable over the long term, it must have a clear plan for succession. Our transition planning service ensures that your personal goals and intentions align with your business strategic goals and objectives.


DSK Profitable Wisdom has experience preparing businesses for transition and developing succession plans. We will take the mystery out of developing a proper plan that determines the best exit option for you, providing our personal attention to your specific needs.

A business succession plan helps you make important decisions about ownership, maximizing your company’s value and establishing tax saving strategies. Our service includes all important areas of a business transition, not just corporate structure and tax planning. 

Contact us and schedule a meeting to learn more about our Outsourced CFO Services.

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