Outsourced Financial Services

Finance Teams for SMEs

 Finance Expertise of Large Companies made available to Small and Medium Enterprises

What surprises await you because of wrong information?

Do you have sleepless nights because worrying about cash flow?

Do you wonder what's holding your business back from growing profits and value?

Are you frustrated with the lack of timely and accurate reporting to run your business?

Do you see large swings in profit from month to month and then surprised by your year end profit presented by your external accountant?

Do your monthly reports only have a single column of numbers that don’t mean much to you?

Are you frustrated with the lack of timely and accurate reporting to run your business?

Do you know what parts of your business are making profit and which ones aren't.

Do you know the value of your business or what to do to make it more valuable and saleable.

As your Outsourced Finance Team, we will do the following

  • Assess the business on 18 key drivers and provide a report with recommendations
  • Deliver monthly financial statements that are timely and accurate
  • Recommend and help implement tasks to increase the health and value for the business
  • Determine appropriate Key Performance Indicators, measure and advise on how to improve them
  • Prepare budgets and regularly update financial and cash flow forecasts
  • Provide advice on improving profits and cash flow
  • Report on the performance of the company monthly with reasons for variances
  • Educate Owners on the company performance and how to read reports
  • Propose ideas to lower costs, improve processes & controls and increase profits, while identifying barriers to growth and develop strategies to overcome them.

The benefits your management, staff and shareholders will realize are:

  • Clear, accurate and understandable financial reporting for the shareholders and management
  • Tracking and improvement of Key Performance Indicators that drive improved business results
  • Management that understands what needs to be done to reach goals
  • Improved profitability and increased shareholder value
  • Sleep comfortably at night because you know your cash needs will be met
  • The company because less reliant on the owners
  • You get a Finance Strategic Partner to be part of your Leadership Team to help grow the business and meet your goals

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