Personal Income Tax Update – Please Read

By April 9, 2020covid, Personal Income Tax


This letter is for those individuals that HAVE NOT yet submitted their 2019 PERSONAL INCOME TAX information to us.

These are very unusual times and life has changed dramatically. Routine is now a foreign concept. Historically April was synonymous with tax filing season. It was routine. Not this year. If you have already submitted your tax information with us thank you and we look forward to serving you again next year when times become “routine” again.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the CRA has extended the tax deadline for all Canadians to June 1st instead of April 30th .  However, if you are currently receiving government subsidies, benefits or social programs, you must still file your return by April 30th to avoid any delays in receiving those benefits.

Like many of you we are trying to keep our staff fully employed.  April has routinely been a very busy month due to the usual tax deadline. In order to make sure everyone’s return is completed on time every year we make sure to have enough staff to accomplish this.

This year we need your help. We need to keep everyone employed. If at all possible, please make it a priority to gather your information and either upload it or drop it off next week at one of our offices.

Preferably we are asking that clients upload their paperwork to us via our secure portal.  If you are not set up with this, please contact our office and we will send you an email invitation to join the portal.  You will then be able to upload your documents. Once we finish preparing your tax return we will upload it and the paperwork to be signed and forward this to you.  If you prefer, paperwork can still be dropped off at either of our two locations.  There is a drop box at the back of the Cambridge office and a mail slot in the front door of the Kitchener office.  If you have a box or file that will not fit please call our office and we will arrange to get the paperwork from you.

Thank you & be safe!