Time to ACCELERATE your Business

By May 8, 2019tax tips

You want to grow your company and optimize its value, but you don’t know where to start.

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

  • Why aren’t we meeting our sales goals?
  • Have we stopped growing? Our business seems flat.
  • I have a better product, so why does it seem like my competitors are ahead of me?
  • I’ve got a great group of really smart people. Why can’t we work as a team?
  • I need better data on my company to make decisions, and get my team aligned?
  • My company depends on me to be at my best every day; I can’t take a real vacation!
  • I seem to be working more hours and don’t have any real progress to show for it.
  • I’d like to be spending more time with my family!
  • How can I get back to the days when running my business was actually fun?

So What Can You Do?

  • Do nothing. You could plug along, doing the same.
  • Keep putting in the time. You could just hope it happens from hard work and
    perseverance … so much for more family time!
  • You could hire a big consulting firm, but you pay outrageous rates
    for an relatively inexperienced “junior consultant,” or you get great advice, but they
    don’t know how to help you execute.

So … the big question. How do you get the help you need, discover the real issues
holding you back, either strategic or tactical, quickly, and at an affordable price?

The Solution
Consider calling DSK Profitable Wisdom to talk about how we can address these problems in
your business. We can assess your business as a separate project but know that we include this
assessment in every Outsourced CFO service.


Here are the FIVE main reasons to consider working with us:

Best Methodology

  • We use one of the industry’s BEST and PROVEN methodologies to uncover the root cause of the
    challenges your business faces – and shows you what they are worth to your business if you fix
  • Holistic Assessment. Evaluates the 18 critical drivers – both market and operational –
    revealing the best opportunities to improve your current business.
  • Peer Comparisons. Uses industry databases with real numbers from actual sold
    businesses within your industry to calculate and predict your company’s value now, as
    well as what it “could” be worth if you addressed the problems and inefficiencies.
  • Emphasis on Best Practices. We measure your company to determine your alignment
    with a vetted set of private business standards. We then provide a ‘value gap’ analysis
    so you can see how to improve this alignment to become more efficient at generating
    revenue – and profits!

Best Analysis

We help you identify the RIGHT areas to work on first that will help you get the most value.

  • Quick and Affordable. Our free initial assessment takes as little as 15 minutes and
    produces a detailed report, quickly identifying the best strategic starting points.
  • Deep Dive Analysis. The 2nd tier assessment only takes 90-120 minutes. This further
    personalizes and solidifies the plan with dates, resources and expected Return on
    Investment (ROI).

Best Results

  • You get a customized plan of action, based on your input that includes detailed tasks – ready to
    implement immediately! Plus, you’ll receive our help to get it done right .. and grow your
    company to the next level.
  • Most Detailed Reports. In addition to calculating your potential business value and
    rating your operations, your report benchmarks you against your best performing peers.
    You will clearly see the risks to your company, understand why they need your attention
    and learn how your company value is improved by mitigating these issues.
  • Value Gap. We show you what your business would sell for today, and what it COULD be
    worth – based on market data showing what the best run businesses actually sell for.
  • Workbook. Includes a comprehensive workbook with over 140 additional areas to track
    and score, while tracking the increased value you create over time.

Full Service
Once we’ve identified what to work on, we can help you with business financial consulting,
strategic planning, transition planning, family business consulting and more. In addition, we can
connect you with our network of other specialists we have pre-vetted and worked with – and
we can manage them, or have you connect with them directly – whatever you prefer.

ROI Based – What Can You Expect?

  • This process has increased value by over $6 billion for the companies that have used it –
    the average company has grown by 27%.
  • We let the assessment results show why you should work with us. You will see how our
    services pay for themselves through an increase in operational efficiency and higher
    enterprise value.
  • We generate a complete list of actionable recommendations – each item calculates an
    associated ROI. Then we pick the area with the greatest potential ROI and get started.
  • On average, you should get a 10x return for your dollars spent.


Know that DSK Profitable Wisdom is affordable. We provide high quality service, producing
similar results as some of the best-known consultants in the industry.

Know that it is easy and FREE to get started. Free assessment. Free report. There is NO cost and
you get an actionable Executive Report – in minutes. The report shows what your company is
worth, what it could be worth, and how to get there – for free.

Know that the focus of our assessment is on operations, not financials, with lots of client
interaction. That’s why clients like you love it. The actionable plan helps keep you vested in the
process, tracking your progress, providing tangible milestones and the return on your
investment for the work we do.


What’s Holding You Back?
Now that you can see some of the advantages of working with DSK Profitable Wisdom, what’s
holding you back?  Imagine, a balanced home-work life! Spending more time with your family, made possible when you take control of your business. Peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a
detailed plan, proven to grow your business. You can take a vacation without worry. Enjoy
running your business again!

Get Started Today! Contact one of the DSK offices and ask to meet with an Outsourced CFO.