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Our clients mean the world to us. At DSK we are always looking at how we can strengthen our clients’ financial health.

Please join us in celebrating our partnership with Wealth Stewards Inc., a team of financial professionals that offer a broad range of expertise in wealth planning and management. We are proud to have them as part of our family of services to meet your financial and business needs.


Over the last few months, the world has become a very different place, both from a financial perspective and a human one. We are all living through unprecedented times and with these sudden changes come a sense of anxiety for many.

During market corrections such as this one, uncertainty, fear and opportunity seekers have caused market volatility and pain for many investors. We know that many people have had questions about their individual financial situations and during times like these people will often need a stable guide.

“Your Guide Through the Storm”, a webinar series by Wealth Stewards, has recently been rebranded under “The Huddle”. This series started as a way to communicate with you in a tumultuous time and we now see it as a way to keep the conversation going even as things slowly begin to return to some normalcy.



The Huddle - Portfolio Updates


All Webinars can be accessed here and we would encourage you

to take some time to review any episodes that are of interest or relevance to you.


Webinar One, Friday March 13th 2020: 

The first webinar featured Paul Tyers and Scott Eicher addressing the initial volatility that we saw in the markets. The importance of sticking to the plan and focusing on a long-term view of investing was central. Short- and medium-term adjustments to portfolios and portfolio strategy was discussed.

Webinar Two, Friday March 20th 2020: 

Bob Simpson, Paul Tyers and Scott Eicher provided an update on the current markets as well as a bit of background on the core-satellite investing strategy that Portfolio Stewards uses. The importance of risk profiling and how major market shocks can impact an individual’s appetite for risk were also core.

Webinar Three, Friday March 27th 2020:

Bob Simpson, Paul Tyers and Scott Eicher provided an update on how the PSI portfolios have reacted in comparison to the wider market. The webinar provided some background on the mechanics of investing and what causes financial markets to rise and fall as well as, a look back on the historical implications of market drops and how markets have reacted to major world events and crisis’s in the past. A reassessment of asset allocations was discussed including selling gold positions to buy TD bank and Royal Bank stocks.

Webinar Four, Friday April 3rd 2020: 

The fourth webinar featured Bob Simpson, Scott Eicher, Cliff Fraser from Equiton and Sean Rogister Cortland Credit. In addition to the usual market and PSI portfolio update, this week’s presentation included a roundtable discussion on the private debt and equity markets. Cliff Fraser and Sean Rogister were able to lend their expertise and provide some insight into how both Cortland Credit and Equiton are adapting and weathering the COVID-19 storm.

Webinar Five, Friday April 9th 2020: 

Webinar five featured, Bob Simpson, Paul Tyers and Michele Follows of Estate Stewards. The conversation centered around two key points. The first being an update on the Portfolio Stewards Recovery Strategy and the second being an Estate Planning updated. Michele Follows addressed what you can be doing during this time in regards to estate planning, the key documents you need to have, common pitfalls people run into and regulation changes as a result of COVID-19.

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