Your Guide Through The Storm Weekly Webinar Series

Over the last few months, the world has become a very different place, both from a financial perspective and a human one. We are all living through unprecedented times and with these sudden changes comes a sense of anxiety for many.

During market corrections such as this one, uncertainty, fear and opportunity seekers have caused market volatility and pain for many investors. We know that many people have had questions about their individual financial situations and during times like these people will often need a stable guide.

The webinar series, called “Your Guide Through the Storm”, examines how to navigate the current markets as well as actions that can be taken on the aspects of your financial life where you have control.


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July 23rd Webinar Registration



All Webinars can be accessed here and we would encourage you to take some time to review any episodes that are of interest or relevance to you:


Webinar One, Friday March 13th 2020

Investment Market Update

Webinar Two, Friday March 20th 2020

Current markets as well as a bit of background on the core-satellite investing strategy

Webinar Three, Friday March 27th 2020

Historical implications of market drops and how markets have reacted to major world events and crisis’s in the past

Webinar Four, Friday April 3rd 2020

Roundtable discussion on the private debt and equity markets

Webinar Five, Thursday April 9th 2020

Discussion around Portfolio Stewards Recovery Strategy and Estate Planning updates 

Webinar Six, Friday April 17th 2020

Tax Loss Harvesting

Webinar Seven, Friday April 24th 2020

Market Deep Dive